Tory Burch for Fitbit

Tory Burch x Fitbit

Tory Burch officially launched her high-end accessory collection for the Fitbit Flex on Tuesday, bringing a stylish...

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The Non-Wearable Fashion of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Nikoline Liv Andersen / Studio Portrait by Alastair Philip Wiper. Courtesy of MINDCRAFT. Working on the intersection between fashion design and visual art, Danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv...
doritos loaded seven eleven

Doritos and 7eleven are plotting my demise!

Let me disclaim this fuckery you're about to read by saying I am not at ALL "THAT" into junk food. But let's be clear, Doritos clearly holds the monopoly on taking all the already crappy food you're not...
This is a photo of the 1949 Negro Motorist Green Book showing "tourist homes" in Colorado Springs.

A Lineage of BFFs for the History Books

This year, our X-mas gift was a knowledge bomb that went off in our face, and we loved it... Normally, we post about some current event happening amongst the fashionably creative culture. But this time, we...
Crab Lady by Terrence Payne |

The “Crab” Mentality of Women

Written by: Abby Thompson Women are crabs in a bucket. “Wait what? No, Abby… women are women. Crabs are crabs.” Ahh yes, thank you. I see that. But actually, women are, as a population, a bucket...