Normcore: Stay Fuckless My Friend

When the term “normcore” arrived earlier this year, the hipster media fell upon it in the same over-thought way that it does with most trends. The New York Times, New York,Vice and Vogue offered their...

The Non-Wearable Fashion of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Nikoline Liv Andersen / Studio Portrait by Alastair Philip Wiper. Courtesy of MINDCRAFT. Working on the intersection between fashion design and visual art, Danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv...
doritos loaded seven eleven

Doritos and 7eleven are plotting my demise!

Let me disclaim this fuckery you're about to read by saying I am not at ALL "THAT" into junk food. But let's be clear, Doritos clearly holds the monopoly on taking all the already crappy food you're not...